Cholesky factorization

Cholesky factorization
разложение Холецкого

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  • Incomplete Cholesky factorization — In numerical analysis, a field within mathematics, an incomplete Cholesky factorization of a symmetric positive definite matrix is a sparse approximation of the Cholesky factorization. Incomplete Cholesky factorization are often used as a… …   Wikipedia

  • Cholesky decomposition — In linear algebra, the Cholesky decomposition or Cholesky triangle is a decomposition of a Hermitian, positive definite matrix into the product of a lower triangular matrix and its conjugate transpose. It was discovered by André Louis Cholesky… …   Wikipedia

  • Symbolic Cholesky decomposition — In the mathematical subfield of numerical analysis the symbolic Cholesky decomposition is an algorithm used to determine the non zero pattern for the L factors of a symmetric sparse matrix when applying the Cholesky decomposition or… …   Wikipedia

  • Unvollständige Cholesky-Zerlegung — Als ILU Zerlegung (von incomplete LU Decomposition) oder unvollständige LU Zerlegung bezeichnet man in der numerischen Mathematik die fehlerbehaftete Zerlegung einer Matrix in das Produkt einer unteren Dreiecksmatrix L und einer oberen… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Cycle rank — In graph theory, the cycle rank of a directed graph is a digraph connectivity measure proposed first by Eggan and Büchi (Eggan 1963). Intuitively, this concept measures how close a digraph is to a directed acyclic graph (DAG), in the sense that a …   Wikipedia

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